Submarine sandwichEat Healthy– Rai$e $ome Ca$h!

Our fundraisers are great ways for Churches, Scouts, Schools, Teams, etc. to get involved with a family owned business! Please call for additional details…

We offer a variety of fundraising opportunities:


Gross Sales Option

Receive up to 15% of an entire day’s gross sales.

(Example: for every $1000 in sales, receive $150!)

Sub Sandwich

Gift Certificates Option (Most Popular!)

Receive 20% of each $5 gift certificate sold.

(Example: for every $1000 in gift certificates sold, receive $200!)



Sub Pre-Sale Option

Recieve 40% of each pre-sold half-sub.

(Example: for every $1000 in pre-sold half-subs, receive $400!)

Homemade Italian Sub Sandwich